Update to our customers after the new covid-19 restrictions in Stockholm

Questrooms will be open according to our normal opening hours but takes the situation with the increased spread of covid-19 very seriously. To allow our customers to enjoy the escape game with their family and friends in a safe way, the following measures will be applied:

  • We have increased regular daily disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles and other regularly deployed elements of the rooms.
  • We limit the number of customers in our locations by adjusting our schedule and splitting unrelated groups. If you booked two rooms (max 8 people) at the same location and would like to start at the same time, just let us know in advance!
  • Face masks are available in the reception and can be used during the whole time.
  • We keep direct contact with our guests and inform them in case they need to adjust their arrival time to avoid congestion in the reception.
  • All our guests are recommended to wash their hands thoroughly before and after the game. We already have hand sanitizers located throughout the reception.
  • We urge all customers to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters whenever it is possible.
  • We recommend staying at home if you have been with a person who has been diagnosed with covid-19 or if you have signs of a respiratory infection, sore throat, fever, or the common cold.

    • Stay safe and contact us in case you have any questions:

      /Team Questrooms