Online team-building game


After work with OfficeQuest!

Our friends from ARDI offer a new interactive multiplayer game designed to build strong teams and improve collaborative skills.

What is OfficeQuest?
  • Perfect for team-buildings, online fika or a kick-off
  • Browser-based (no need to install external apps)
  • Accessible from anywhere (great for international teams)
  • The best way to spend 1 hour with your colleagues
Want to know more? Read about the game process and watch demo video here. Otherwise get your team together, book your mission online and start whenever you want!

Mission: ILoveYou

The secret organization "Reality 2.0", using the full power of modern technology to recreate the circumstances of mysterious events, dive into them, and find the answers. You are the agents of this organization, or “reality hackers”, as you prefer to call yourself. Unsolvable riddles are your job.

Mission info:
  • Time: ~60 minutes
  • Players: 2-500
  • Location: online
  • Difficulty level: 5/10
Sounds interesting? Watch the trailer of the mission here.

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