Walking tour

Witch hunt of Södermalm

Follow us to the streets of Södermalm and find out what happened when the witches came to Stockholm. Who started it all? Were innocents burned alive? Who were the victims and who was pointing fingers at them? There was always a price to be paid if you were guilty. Innocence was not necessarily your savior. Our witch hunt expert will show you where it all started, tell you the stories of those who were involved and help you to feel the spirits of the innocent victims at the execution spot (or where they used to be).

*Warning* The witch hunt was a time of blood and gore. We will be detailing executions, mutilations and gory happenings. Welcome to Stockholm in 17th century!

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Practical information. 100% touch free!

For those of you who are tired of staying home, but don't want to risk anything, you are welcome on this walking tour outdoor, on a safe distance from each other.

The walk is approximately 2 hours long and will include stairs. We recommend you to have comfortable footwear and dress according to weather. The optimal group size is 6-12 people (contact us in advance for special arrangements). The tour is recommended for people above 12 at parents discretion. Children under 15 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Starting point: Axel Landquists park

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